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    Prescribing manner of filing an application for refund by unregistered persons

    Published Mon, 27 Feb 2023

    Instances where the unregistered buyers, who had entered into an agreement/ contract with a builder for supply of services of construction of flats/ building, etc. and had paid the amount towards consideration for such service, either fully or partially, along with applicable tax, had to get the said contract/ agreement cancelled subsequently due to non-completion or delay in construction activity in time or any other reasons or where premium for the entire period of term of policy is paid upfront along with applicable GST and the policy is subsequently required to be terminated prematurely due to some reasons. A new functionality has been made available on the common portal which allows unregistered persons to take a temporary registration and apply for refund under the category ‘Refund  for Unregistered person’.

    As per sub-section (1) of section 54 of the CGST Act, time period of two years from the relevant date has been specified for filing an application of refund. Further, the relevant date in respect of cases of refund by a person other than supplier is the date of receipt of goods or services or both by such person in terms of provisions of clause

    (g) in Explanation (2) under section 54 of the CGST Act. However, in respect of cases where the supplier and the unregistered person (recipient) have entered into a long-term contract/ agreement for the supply, with the provision of making payment in advance or in instalments, for example-construction of flats or long-term insurance policies, if the contract is cancelled/ terminated before completion of service for any reason, there may be no date of receipt of service, to the extent supply has not been made/ rendered. Therefore, in such type of cases, it has been decided that for the purpose of determining relevant date in terms of clause (g) of Explanation (2) under section 54 of the CGST Act, date of issuance of letter of cancellation of the contract/ agreement for supply by the supplier will be considered as the date of receipt of the services by the applicant.