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    Business Deck/Information Memorandum

    Information Memorandum is a document created by business owners for prospective buyers/investors. The primary purpose of the Information Memorandum is to motivate potential investors to invest in the business. When a company seeks to raise funds, it needs to prepare some sort of information memorandum describing the business model of the entity and the investment opportunity that will appeal to the potential investors. Our team of professionals can assist you in the preparation of the Information Memorandum.

    In layman’s terms, Information Memorandum is the resume of the company which is seeking investment from prospective investors (angel investors, private equity investors, or the venture capitalist). Information Memorandum is a written document describing the business for which the entity is seeking funding from potential investors.


    The primary objective of the Information Memorandum is to raise investment capital in the case of start-ups and bring in fresh investment in the case of established companies.


    The core content of an Information Memorandum is a description of the business from a strategic, operational, and financial perspective. The potential investors would like the Information Memorandum to address two prime concerns.

    • Expected Return on Investment
    • Risk mitigation

    Broadly, some of the key aspects that an Information Memorandum should cover include:

    • Background of the Company and financial summary
    • Understanding the Market
    • Commercial value proposition
    • Market Interest
    • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Business Model
    • Board Members
    • Business Valuation
    • Investment required
    • Use of funds
    • Exit route


    Information Memorandum is a complex and long document. We, at CompaniesNext, have a dedicated team of professionals who can help you in the drafting of an Information Memorandum to raise funds from potential investors.