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    Trademark Registration

    Protect your logo, brand or slogan by registering your unique mark.  A trademark must be:

    • Distinctive instead of descriptive;
    • Registered with the appropriate authority to obtain legal ownership and protection rights;
    • Capable of being represented;
    • Not the same as or similar to a well-known mark or a trade mark already registered.

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    Overview of Trademark Registration

    A trademark means a mark (which include a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, shape of goods, packaging or combination of colours or any combination thereof) capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include shape of goods, their packaging and combination of colours. Registration of a trademark allows you to protect your brand, logo or slogan which has been built by putting a lot of hard work. Application for registration of trademark is required to be made with Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Office of Registrar of Trademarks and such an application can be made both online or offline.  

    Things to Know


    Any person claiming to be the proprietor of the trade mark in relation to goods and/ or services may apply for registration of  a trademark. For this purpose, person include individual, body corporate, partnership firm, HUF, association of persons, joint oprietor, trust, society or a government authority/ undertaking.  


    The Trade Mark being applied for registration may be:

    • already in use; or
    • proposed to be used or intended to be used; Or
    • intended to be assigned to a company that is about to be formed and registered under Companies Act, 2013 with a view to use thereof in relation to those goods and services by the company  


    For the purpose of registration of trademark, the goods and services shall be classified as per the current edition of “the International Classification of Goods and Services (NICE Classification)” published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  


    The registration of a trademark provides the registered proprietor absolute right to use the trademark in relation to the goods or services in respect of which the mark is registered. After registration, registered proprietor of a trademark can protect the goodwill of his products or services.

    Procedure and Timelines for Trademark Registration

    Step 1.

    Step 1.

    1-2 Days

    Identification of Classes of Trademark

    Step 2.

    Step 2.

    1-2 Days

    Trademark Search in respective classes

    Step 3.

    Step 3.

    1-2 Days

    Filing of Online Application

    Document Required for Trademark Registration

      Documents Required

    • Copy of PAN of the applicant
    • Logo or brand name to be registered
    • Address proof of the applicant
    • User affidavit
    • Incorporation certificate (if applicant is other than individual)
    • Proof of trademark use
    • MSME/ Start-up recognition certificate

    Why Companies Next

    At Companies Next, we have a dedicated team of professionals for providing quality services with accuracy within given timelines. We provide complete support in obtaining Trademark Registration.   Our Services include:

    • Creation of online account on Trademark website
    • Drafting of necessary documents.
    • Filing of Trademark Registration Application 

    ₹ 7500

    • Trademark Application for One Class in Case of Individual / Startup / Small Enterprise (Inclusive of Govt. Fee)
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    ₹ 11000

    • MSME Registration
    • Trademark Registration Application for Small Enterprises inclusive of Govt. fee
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    ₹ 15000

    • Trademark Registration Application for other than Individuals / Startup / Small Enterprise inclusive of Govt. fee
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    Trademark means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include the shape of goods, their packaging and combination of colours.
    Trademark registration safeguard against duplication of your trademark or logo.
    No. There are specific classes specified by the Government for different goods or services. Separate registration fees are applicable on registration under different class.
    No. trademark registration is valid for 10 years only. After expiry of that registration should be renewed.
    After filing an application with trademark authorities, applicant can start using an acknowledgment TM until trademark is registered by authority.
    Yes. You can get registration under different classes in a single application but fees will be charged separately for each class.
    No. You can provide us the required documents in soft copy on our email address.
    Any Individual, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, LLP or Companies can get their own registered trademark in India.
    Normally it takes around 5-6 months to get the registration certificate.
    If it is a word it should be easy to speak, spell and remember. The best trademarks are invented words or coined words or unique geometrical designs. Please avoid selection of a geographical name, common personal name or surname. No one can have monopoly right on it. Avoid adopting laudatory word or words that describe the quality of goods (such as best, perfect, super etc.)
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