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    Market Study

    Market Study is conducted to identify the market demand for a particular product or service. It is an important part of any start-up strategy. The Market study can help in mitigating risk as it helps in identifying your potential customers and the market conditions which provides a better chance of developing a viable product or service. We, at CompaniesNext, conduct the market study which is fully customized as per the company’s product/services.

    The Better YOU know your competition, the better prepared YOU are

    Market Study Agency in India | Market Research 

    For the companies who wish to enter the Indian market or plan to launch a new product, we conduct a customized pre-entry market study that identifies the factors in the target markets that would include the overview of the market, product survey, customer preferences, competition analysis, sales & distribution analysis, location study, CSR, SWOT analysis, etc.

    After completing a pre-entry market study and having made necessary analysis and planning, the foreign company can expand/ establish their business activities into India with confidence – even without much experience in this country. The same also holds good for anyone who plans to launch a new product in India.

    The market study conducted by us is fully customized as per the company’s product/services and broadly covers the following aspects:

    Market Overview

    • Defining nature and size of the market
    • Demand and supply analysis of the product/service
    • Key growth drivers
    • Possible challenges & emerging opportunities
    • Market trends
    • Competitors positioning

    Product/ service survey

    • Analysis of existing comparable product/service
    • Customer feedback on such product/ service
    • Likely demand of such product/ service in the market

    Customer Preferences

    • Customer survey
    • Analysis of customer preference relating to such product/service
    • Market trends and customer buying pattern

    Competition Analysis

    • Key players in the market and their profiles including their products, prices, business models, trade practices
    • Relative competitive strengths and weaknesses of key players

    Sales & Distribution Analysis

    • Possible sales and distribution channels
    • Key trade practices
    • Comparative analysis of different channels
    • Expectation of channel/trade partners

    Location Study

    • Comparative analysis of different available locations
    • Identification of suitable location considering different selection criteria including land cost, infrastructure development, availability of labor and material, proximity to customer, power availability, regulatory & business environment.

    SWOT Analysis

    • Strength of company’s product with competitors
    • Possible weak points
    • Opportunities available in market
    • Possible regulatory and other business threats.