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    What are the main post-registration reporting requirements for companies in India?

    Answered 14-Sep-2022

    The post registration reporting requirements for companies are set out as under:

    1. Filing of form INC - 20A (Commencement of Business Certificate) - Within 180 days of issuance of Certificate of Incorporation with the respective Registrar of Companies.
    2. Filing of form AOC – 4 (for filing audited accounts) latest by October 30th of the relevant year (in case of first year after registration - latest by 31st December) and form MGT – 7 (Annual Return) latest by November 29th of the relevant year with the Registrar of Companies electronically on an annual basisb. Filing of Annual Return on foreign liabilities and assets with the Reserve Bank of India by July 15th of every year in case the company has foreign exposure
    3. Filing of Income tax return latest by September 30th of the year with the Income tax authorities electronically on an annual basis
    4. Filing of GST returns electronically on monthly or quarterly basis and
    5. Filing of various periodical returns under applicable laws.

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